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How We Generated 0.6+ Million Views at 0.23 % Click Thru Rate

Below mentioned video illustrates how NEXT Insurance, being a dominant name in the insurance sector in Kenya, help the consumers enjoy lucrative savings on car insurance in Kenya. The consumers are offered tailor-made pricing teamed with swift claims process. Indisputably, NEXT Insurance services are Fast, Simple, and Affordable.

Keeping in mind the whole persona of the company, we engaged our best team in making the video.

The video clearly illustrates how a consumer is benefited when they have opted for NEXT Insurance. The hard work of the team has really paid off as currently the video has 285,192 views and the number is increasing. Not to mention the increased user engagement on the video.

How Our Video Marketing Endeavors Increased User Engagement

Created How-To Video – As shown in the video, our team gave our best to create a how-to video. We highlighted the expertise of the company and how the consumers can have the best insurance quotes without wasting their precious time. The video, further, helped us in generating more leads and more conversions.

Simplify the Process – The video helped in simplifying the, so called, complex process of acquiring the best insurance quote by the consumers. Making the utmost use of animation, we ensured that the company is able to put forward exactly what they intended to do i.e. to simplify the whole process of having a car insurance quote.

Helped in Doing SEO – We did SEO of the video. This really helped in projecting the video in front of the target audience.

Keyword Research – We have conducted in-depth keyword research using keyword planner, conducted research on keyword phrase, and analyzing the ranked videos and keyword usage.

Creative use of Descriptions, Titles, and Keywords – Drafted tailor-made descriptions of 150 words. Made catchy titles, and used KSI keywords.

Duration – We kept the length of the video to 0.57 seconds. This helped in increased user engagement and also helped in ranking in YouTube. In addition, we used custom thumbnails.

Use of Social Media Platforms – Used Facebook to advertise the video. We also shared the video at other important social media platforms such as Twitter, this really helped in increasing the number of views and likes.

Email Marketing – We used the video in our email marketing endeavors as well.


This video basically illustrates that you can buy a car insurance on the. So, whether you are in the office or you are having a gala time with your loved ones, you enjoy the convenience of buying a car insurance. It is a just a matter of few clicks and you can acquire an apt car insurance for yourself.

In order to buy a NEXT Car Insurance in Kenya, you need to provide few details such as – your car model, estimated value of the car, your full name and your contact number. The moment you click “Buy”, you will come across the benefits you get to enjoy as a customer. You will be then prompted to the payment method through which you will be making the payment. You need to click on the payment method such as Credit Card and you will receive the message of confirmed transaction. You will be then provided your Reference Number i.e. of 10 digits prefixed by NEXT for exp – NEXT1805220001.

The best part of this whole process is that it will only take 2 minutes and you are done. Getting car insurance was never so quick – its fast, quick, and safe. Video Marketing endeavors of our team paid off as the video got 38,093 views and over 100 subscriptions. This video also helped in increasing organic traffic at the website.

Initial Stage

First and foremost, our creative heads came together and gave inputs regarding how the video should be made such as – the storyline, the graphics, the audio effects, duration, etc.

What Were Our Video Marketing Practices

Content Marketing Tool – We successfully made a video that proves beneficial for the viewer/consumer.

Keep It Short – Consumers don’t want to hear ramble. Keeping this in mind, we kept the video short and sweet, simultaneously we also maintained what the video wanted to project.

Tell a Story – The video narrated a short story. We ensured that the story is short comprising of a beginning, middle and an end. In 0.26 seconds, the video successfully catered to the problem and offered a solution as well.

Considering Target Audience – We ensured that there is no use of industry jargon and presented the information in a way that is easily understood by the target audience.

Created a Call-To-Action – We successfully ended the video with a Call-To-Action.


This video illustrates the condition of a normal car insurance buyer. The video aptly explains the significance of seeking timely solution. As per the video, if you are in dire straits and looking for a prompt solution, NEXT Insurance Kenya is always there to lend you a prompt solution and get you out of the ordeal. Expect customized pricing and tailor-made service as per your requirements. Owing to its creativity and clear-cut message, the video has 170,557 views and 124 subscriptions.

Our Video Marketing Endeavors

Created Compelling Video – Using strategic and creative animation, we projected the ordeal of a normal car insurance buyer and how NEXT Insurance can prove beneficial. This is the reason the video has 170,557 views.

Made the Video Findable – Ensuring that the video is easily findable both in YouTube and outside of YouTube, we kept a close check on the following elements –

Title – Our SEO team in Kenya ensured that the targeted keywords are present in the first few words of the title. We also added a colon after the initial keywords and rephrased it.

Description – We ensured that the description starts with a full URL. We also kept the description as descriptive as possible.

Used Annotations – We added annotations to the video that comprised of clickable Call-To-Action.

Leverage Social Media Platforms – Following are the ways through which we extended the reach of the video

Created Blogs – We created a blog post around the video. We used a keyword-rich title and prepared a complementary blog post.

Twitter – For a far more extensive reach of our video, we posted it on Twitter.

Facebook – We also used Facebook and posted the video on the business page of NEXT Insurance. This really helped in taking the video to a much wide audience.


This video rightly condemns “One Size Fits All” saying. Every customer has different needs and requirements, this is where NEXT Insurance comes into the picture and offer you customized pricing for your car insurance Kenya needs as per your requirements.

The video has cute animations and right color combinations which aptly suggests that every customer has varied needs. And this is well-understood by NEXT Insurance and offer service accordingly. The pricing at which the insurance is offered is lucrative as compared to what the competitors are offering. Seeing the precise and effective approach, the video has 178,463 views and 124 subscriptions.

Our Strategic Video Marketing Tasks

Keyword Research – Our keyword research task comprised of –

Our team of professionals selected keywords appropriate for all the consumers seeking new information.

We used Adwords Display Planner through which we planned keywords to insert in the video descriptions.

We did in-depth research and searched relevant keywords to the industry, product, and the target audience.

We chose the keywords with a minimum of thousand impressions in a month.

Right Thumbnails – Realizing that there are similar videos already present on YouTube, we ensured the following things so that the user clicks on our video first –

We ensured that the minimum video resolution is 1280×720.

We uploaded images in JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.

We kept the image size under 2MB.

Used clear & colored texts in order to express the value of the content.

Optimized the Channel Page – In order to do this, we ensured the following things –

We wrote the copy for the channel page, explained strategically our motive, and our USPs.

We added the links to the websites, landing pages, and social media profiles.

We ensured that the overall look is not cluttered and add Call-To-Action.

Used right brand logo, color combinations and animations.

Focused on Calls-To-Action – We successfully optimized the video for the following actions –

Increased channel subscriptions.

Increased Likes and Shares.

Increased Comments.

What RedBlink did

RedBlink implemented advanced schemas across the website:
RedBlink Digital marketing: The team researched and identified schema types most suited for information on technology hardware, software, and services pages.
Hardware and networking products were deployed across the website to gain awareness & discoverability across search engines.
These schemas provided enriched data on search results for Featured Snippets, Product Rich Results, and People Also Ask results.


Post-pandemic increase (comparing to 2019), the client recorded:

Impressions from mobile devices on Google search increased by 209%

Clicks to websites from mobile devices increased to 144%

Avg. Position of the website on Google search improved by 29%

69K impressions from Product Rich Results

Organic Traffic 5595 month

Organic Keywords 8061 month