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WP HACKED HELP - WordPress Security Service

This case study was completed for the WP HACKED HELP. It is one of the fastest-growing WordPress security service providers on the market. Along with World-class security services.
Major Competitors - SUCURI, WORDFENCE, MALCARE. One of the TOP WordPress security services providers.

About the project

WP HACKED HELP is well equipped to detect all security threats. There are several levels of severity of the hack and the WP HACKED HELP can help in identifying the extent of the issue. You may use their free customized WordPress malware scanner to get a list of issues to resolve for your hacked site. They also provide WordPress malware removal services to quickly repair your website and make it fully secure & hackproof. Below you can find what RedBlink did for WP HACKED HELP to improve their online presence.

They hired RedBlink which has experience in the field – of SEO. The problem was how to improve the existing website and make it work better for customers. The size of the site required a lot of consistency for a strong increase in leads.

What did they do

Obviously, to make noticeable improvements in SEO, effective strategies had to be in place. This meant that digital experts and web marketing strategists experienced in all things behind the scenes of search engines had to be selected for this task.
Searching for a signature of a global header and footer for the company. The experts took it upon themselves to create and properly design a header and footer for their client’s website, so when WP HACKED HELP added new features, the SEO company worked for hand in hand with them to keep the website up to date and consistent at all times.
Creation of a new lead generation campaign. The process involved exploiting every possibility to make it work for their client. This involved optimizing the code and content of the entire website, as well as improving overall site usability.


The website managed to convert more visitors by more than 85% in less than a year. The consistency with which RedBlink continued to adjust the online marketing strategy for its client also led to scalable results.

Some of the top PAGE 1 keywords are:

Wordpress hacking - #1 position

Wordpress SQL injection- #1 position

Fix hacked WordPress site- #2 position

WordPress Malware Redirect Hack- #1 position

Wordpress malware scanner online- #3 position

And many more

The number of visitors who revisited the site also increased, thanks to the increased quality of leads.