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Law Firm: Real Estate Attorneys Los Angeles, CA

Law Firm is a real estate attorney that is struggling with the online strategy it had in place. It was very clear that digital marketing was not working for them the way they wanted. They had to do something, so they approached a competent company – RedBlink Technologies.
RedBlink Technologies, an SEO company with global internet savvy, looked for ways to change the situation for their client. After an in-depth study of the problem, the company came up with strategies that they believed could help their customers.

About the project

Law Firm attorneys provide resourceful and practical representation to clients involved in complex litigation matters, including Trusts and Estates.
Whether you are an executive, a business leader, or an individual, Law Firm will take the time to understand you in order to win together.  Law Firm is firmly convinced that the excellence of a law firm depends on intelligence, humanity, hard work and talent. Our ambition is to succeed together.

What did they do

Some of the strategies included:

  • Thorough background and business research of Law Firm – This was necessary to understand the very business their clients are involved in and find the best measures to put in place.
  • Improve website content – ​​maximizing website content to meet the requirements of effective search engine optimization was also essential. They considered the fact that the information should be unique and of high quality if they were to stand out from the crowd of other real estate attorney’s sites.
  • Thorough keyword research – effective keywords to put the website on the map also needed to be considered. RedBlink understood this, which made it easier to design other aspects of SEO strategy.

The results

After the successful execution of the new strategies, there was an increase in the number of visitors per day and consequently an increase in brand awareness. This had the effect of increasing the number of potential customers who were willing to use the services of Law firm. In fact, the number of daily visitors has increased by more than 40%.

Some of the top PAGE 1 keywords are:

Real estate attorney los angeles - 2nd position

Real estate lawyer los angeles - 4th position

types of easements - 1st position

real estate law firm los angeles. - 3rd position

Easement attorney los angeles - 1st position

appurtenant easement, - 1st position

The strategies employed by RedBlink Technologies not only increased the number of visitors per day, they also increased the number of visitors who visited the website. Regular visits could be attributed to the strategically chosen keywords.