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Know core to your vitality across your skin, gut, mind, body, and soul by taking a membership with Jivome.


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California, USA


Jivome – Holistic Health Experts, provide a completely personalized approach to personal health and wellness. You can get advice regarding skin, gut, mind, body, and soul. Merging Eastern philosophy with traditional medicine, Jivome provides a customized wellness experience that blends with your positive and negative energy and thoughts, relationships, mind-body state, and self-perception. Uncover your Jivome and the right solutions for better holistic health.


Gathering Information

The website is providing personal advice to start the individual journey to achieve holistic health. Raja Sivamani, MD MS AP is a board-certified Dermatologist. He is an expert in providing medical, cosmetic, and surgical services. The process starts by unlocking your unique profile. You can take the quiz available on the site to discover your elemental imbalances. Finally, by knowing the composition of natural elements present in your body, the doctors can describe personalized solutions to improve your mental and physical health.

The Challenge

Holistic health podcasts are conducted by experts and shared with members by an audio file. Managing the backend operation and archiving the audio files was a challenge. Another challenge was to provide a personalized plan for the members to maintain personal health.

Our Solution

An easy-to-use interface is developed that can store the audio files safely in the database. Also, a customized wellness plan for members is maintained.


Prototyping, analysis and testing

To manage the day-to-day events, the website is designed in WordPress.MySQL is used for backend management. For event management WP CMSis used.


Using Dynamic Dashboards to Manage Events

CMS manages the events with ease to facilitate the users to take up activities like Quiz and Events

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